A modern political party needs to be mean, lean and hungry

  • 10 October, 2001
  • Politics

Published in The Independent on 10 October 2001.

I am a businessman, not a politician, but 20 years in the company of politicians has taught me to recognise the imperatives of realpolitik. I know only too well that Iain Duncan Smith will have to pull more than a few punches in order to rebuild consensus within the Conservative Party.

Because of this, and because I am for the time being relieved of the constraints which come with the job of Treasurer, I want to draw attention to a number of weaknesses within the party which must be addressed, but which the new leader may find too awkward to tackle without support.

I offer this as a contribution to a wider debate, and in the hope that those of us who care about the  party will give Iain the help he needs to transform the Conservatives into a modern, efficient and effective political party – a party equipped to win.


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