The green belt, why the ‘supermajority’ argument cuts both ways, and which party would make the best opposition?

  • 27 June, 2024
  • Politics
  • Polling

The betting scandal was the most noticed election story in recent days, according to my latest campaign poll – which also finds that most Labour voters oppose building on the green belt, that 2019 Tories are divided as to whether the Conservatives or Reform would be the most effective opposition to a new Labour government, and that most former Tories are not swayed by arguments about a Labour ‘supermajority’.

What have people noticed?

Conservatives betting on the election date was by far the most recalled election story of the last few days, and is in fact the most recalled story of any round of campaign polling – ahead of the PM leaving D-Day commemorations early and the Tories’ national service policy. ‘Rishi Sunak gaffes’ included D-Day, being deprived of Sky TV, and last week’s unsuccessful attempt to feed a sheep.

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