Rwanda, the ECHR, texting scams, and who would you trust to lead in a war? My April poll

  • 19 April, 2024
  • Politics
  • Polling

The Conservatives have lost their lead on defence and national security and more voters would trust Keir Starmer than Rishi Sunak in the event of an armed conflict, according to my latest poll. We also look at Rwanda and the ECHR, scams and inappropriate texts, and whether people care how many Conservative MPs are left after the next election.

War leaders

We regularly ask what people think are the most important issues facing the country, and which party they think would do a better job on each one. We can then chart which party holds which pieces of political territory, and by how much.

Astute readers will notice that there are no issues left in the Conservative side of the chart. The last to go was national security and defence, on which the Tories still had a small lead when I last asked the question in this form just under a year ago. That is not to say Labour can now call themselves the party of defence – just 28% say they would do a better job, 2 points ahead of the Conservatives, with 46% saying “don’t know” – but it is clearly no longer the reliably Tory issue it once was.

This point is underlined when we ask who people would trust to lead and make good decisions in the event of an armed conflict that threatened the UK.

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