Politics Polling 3 May, 2022
After a turbulent few weeks, where do Johnson – and Starmer – really stand with the voters?
This week’s local elections take place against the backdrop of leadership plots and follow perhaps the most politically turbulent few months since the Brexit wars. My new research, including an 8,000-sample poll and focus groups with 2019 Conservatives in different types of seat throughout the country, shows how voters have reacted to the recent controversies […]
Bravery Medals 10 April, 2022
How the bravery of George Cross Island changed the course of WWII
Bravery Medals Videos 10 April, 2022
Championing the courage of the fortress island of Malta 80 years on
Bravery Medals 4 April, 2022
I felt and heard ‘bang, bang, bang’
Bravery Britain at War Medals 1 April, 2022
See the April issue of Britain at War for Lord Ashcroft’s new bravery article
Politics Polling 18 March, 2022
For now, Russia backs Putin and the invasion – but younger people are sceptical of the Kremlin line
Bravery Medals 13 March, 2022
The Falklands hero who lost an arm trying to defuse an Argentine bomb, but still feels a right plonker for cal...
Bravery 12 March, 2022
Unsung Falklands heroes who helped liberate the islands 40 years ago include vet who used castrating scissors ...
Politics Publications Videos 9 March, 2022
Life Support – book launch speech
Politics Publications 8 March, 2022
First Lady
Politics Publications 8 March, 2022
Life Support
Politics Polling Publications 7 March, 2022
My new book on the NHS – and what the voters really think about their favourite institution
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