How Britain voted and why: My post-vote poll

  • 5 July, 2024
  • Politics
  • Polling

We have surveyed 16,677 people who voted in the general election to help understand how Britain voted and why. The results show who switched from 2019, the reasons for their decisions, when they made their minds up, what they expect from the new government, and more.

Who voted for whom

Labour beat the Conservatives by a 10-point margin among both men and women. Reform UK did slightly better among men (16%) than women (12%).

Labour won by a 25-point margin among 18-24s, with the Greens second on 15% and the Conservatives third place on 14%. The Conservatives were fourth among 25-34s and joint second among 35-44s. Labour won in every age group except those aged 65+, which the Conservatives won by 14 points.

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