Change course or stick to the plan? My first poll of 2024

  • 18 January, 2024
  • Politics
  • Polling

Voters believe four of the government’s five key pledges are more likely to happen under Labour than the Tories. Meanwhile, 2019 Conservative voters prioritise spending on public services over tax cuts and are as likely to say ‘don’t know’ when asked who would make the best PM as to choose Rishi Sunak over Keir Starmer.

These are some of the (rather dismal, from a Tory point of view) findings from the first in a series of monthly polls that I will be running throughout the year. I will be tracking key measures like best prime minister, trust on the economy and intensity of party support, as well as looking at some of the wider questions that voters will be considering as they make up their minds – if they haven’t already. We will also ask what, if anything, voters have noticed recently about what is going on in politics. All the data and analysis will be available at the new-look

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