Angela Rayner book announcement

  • 23 August, 2023
  • Politics
  • Publications

With the possibility that a Labour government could be in power by or before January 2025, the time has come to announce that my newest book project is a biography of Angela Rayner, Labour’s Deputy Leader.

Since becoming an MP in 2015, Ms Rayner has been hard to ignore. Sometimes controversial, always spirited, usually outspoken and unfailingly committed to the socialist causes she holds dear, she has quickly become one of the best known politicians on the national stage. Her impressive climb to the top of the Labour Party means that she is now on the brink of exerting enormous influence over British citizens.

As with all of my political biographies, this book will be independent, open-minded and even-handed, letting the facts speak for themselves. The research I’ve done already has convinced me that Ms Rayner is certainly one of the most interesting figures operating in Westminster today.

In recent months I have been working on a biography of a rising star in Conservative Party politics, Kemi Badenoch. That book, together with the Angela Rayner project, will be published ahead of the general election, which must be held no later than 24 January 2025. And next month, All to Play For, my fully revised and updated biography of Rishi Sunak, which was first released in 2020 as Going for Broke, will also be published.

Over the next 15 months or so, British politics promises to be fascinating. I look forward to doing my best to enlightening voters about what makes some of its principal players tick.

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