Slaughter Of The Captive Lions Bred To Die In Agony

Daily Express serialisation of Unfair Game: An exposé of South Africa’s captive-bred lion industry, by Lord Ashcroft – 20 June 2020.

Tame and often drugged, they are sitting ducks for rich hunters. Then their bones are sold for Chinese ‘medicine’.

A LARGE lion with an impressive dark mane is released into the enclosure and pads slowly past a hunting party without a care in the world. When one of the hunt organisers whistles, it pauses, as if to make itself an even easier target, confirming that, far from being a wild animal, it is entirely used to interacting with humans.

The impact of the first bullet, fired into its front leg at close range from a jeep – despite it being illegal in South Africa to shoot an animal from a vehicle – makes it leap into the air. It then rolls forward, gets up awkwardly, and reels for a few seconds in confused agony as though on hot bricks.

As it scampers off on three legs to hide in the bush, the guide shouts to his client: “Shoot him again!”

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