Band of Brothers

First published in The Sunday Times Magazine on 16 September 2018.

During their childhoods, they were typically adventurous and boisterous boys: they loved making model aircraft, sailing toy boats, hunting for crabs in seaside pools and swimming off remote beaches.

The four Garland brothers also had a mischievous, even a wild, streak: on one occasion they greeted a new governess by all stripping naked and running into the bushes as she walked up their drive. During another escapade, they gathered chemicals in a test-tube in order to make a home-made “bomb”, only for the device to explode leaving their faces blackened and their hair singed.

Despite age differences of up to ten years between them, they were in every way a “band of brothers” – inseparable, daring and fiercely loyal.  They also shared a common passion – a love of airplanes.

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