Hopes and Fears: Trump, Clinton, the voters and the future

  • 10 January, 2017
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Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States confounded the pundits and crowned a year of political surprises.

In Hopes And Fears, Lord Ashcroft sets out in compelling detail why America sent Trump to the White House. With the rigorous research and analysis that is his hallmark, he argues that – contrary many people’s assumptions – the American people made the choice with their eyes wide open.

We hear from swing-state voters in their own words as they wrestle with their decision and explain why they, and their country, want change – with all the risks it may entail. Drawing the parallels with the UK’s Brexit referendum, the book explores the lessons of 2016 for both parties, the divisions within the American electorate and what they mean for the future.

For anyone wondering how America came to choose its new leader, Hopes And Fears has the answers.

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