The Tories have a plan to win the next election and the team to deliver it

  • 30 October, 2012
  • Politics
  • Polling

Things may be looking up at last. This year has brought a long string of bad news for the Conservatives, much of it self-inflicted. Yet over the last few weeks I have become  a little more confident about Tory prospects than I have been for some time. There are two main reasons for this surprising burst of optimism.

First, last week’s growth figures. I am aware of the caveats, of course. The figures are notoriously unreliable, and one set of numbers does not change the experience of any actual voters; we are some way from any kind of feelgood factor. And as we can never forget after 1997, economic recovery does not necessarily lead to political recovery. This time, however, I think the chances are that it possibly could.

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