Lord Ashcroft in television documentary about the D-Day landings

  • 10 June, 2011
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Lord Ashcroft, the author of three acclaimed books on gallantry, is to appear in a new documentary about the D-Day landings to be screened this weekend.

The Tory peer and international businessmen told in a television interview how his own father, Lieutenant Eric Ashcroft, took part in the historic landings at Sword Beach on June 6, 1944, during which he was seriously injured by shrapnel.

Lord Ashcroft is one of a number of contributors, including Second World War veterans, to a gripping documentary Surviving D-Day, which will be shown on the Discovery History channel on Sunday (June 12) at 10pm. He travelled to Omaha Beach in Normandy to be interviewed for the documentary.

The programme, made by independent producers Dangerous, gives a fascinating insight into what went on in the minds of the British, American and other Allied troops who took part in the landings aimed at liberating, first German-occupied France and, later, the rest of Western Europe.

The programme looks closely at the brave but unorthodox tactics that were used during the 12-hour battle for Omaha Beach. Stunning graphics and 3-D images present a soldier’s eye view of the battle for Omaha Beach and beyond, and portray the life-or-death reality of an operation – the D-Day landings – that changed the course of history.

Lord Ashcroft’s father and other officers were told to expect 75 per cent casualties – dead and wounded – as they landed on the Normandy beaches. In fact Lieutenant Ashcroft’s CO, a Colonel, was shot dead at his side. After Lieutenant Ashcroft was wounded, he fought on until ordered from the battlefield.

Lord Ashcroft was born the year after the end of the Second World War and as a boy developed a fascination with bravery. This interest later transformed itself into a passion for gallantry medals and he built up the world’s largest collection of VCs, which are now exhibited at the gallery in his name at the Imperial War Museum.

Lord Ashcroft is the author of three books on gallantry: Victoria Cross Heroes, Special Forces Heroes and George Cross Heroes. He has also lectured on bravery, including to the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

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