Military Intelligence Museum

‘Sharing the Secret’ of military intelligence with a wider audience.

Lord Ashcroft is the Vice-President of the Intelligence Corps Museum in Bedfordshire. As part of this role, he has made substantial donations to the museum, which is now better known as the Military Intelligence Museum. The museum was opened in its present form in Chicksands, Bedfordshire, in 2005.

The Military Intelligence Museum tells the story of British military intelligence from the Boer War onwards. It reveals the tactics, techniques and equipment used by the people who have carried out vitally important tasks over the years, often in secret, and with courage and determination.

The aim of the museum, which is free to enter, is to give an insight into the shadowy world of intelligence, security, espionage and other military intelligence disciplines, telling the stories that visitors will not see or hear in any other museum in the United Kingdom.

Lord Ashcroft has repeatedly championed the work of the Intelligence Corps. He is the author of In The Shadows: The Extraordinary Men and Women of the Intelligence Corps, which was first published in November 2022.

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