National service, the quadruple lock, votes at 16 and who has noticed what?

  • 6 June, 2024
  • Politics
  • Polling

The Conservative pledge to introduce national service is by far the most noticed story of the campaign so far, according to my latest poll, while a majority oppose Labour’s plan for votes at 16. We also look at potential tax cuts, the leaders’ attributes, defence and security, and the pensions “quadruple lock”.

What’s going on?

When we asked in an open-ended question what people had noticed from the campaign so far, the Conservative plan for national service was mentioned by nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents, making it by far the most noticed campaign happening to date. The Diane Abbott saga was second, followed by the new Tory pension policy and Ed Davey falling off a paddleboard. The assorted “Rishi Sunak gaffes” included people in the background pulling faces during a speech, and the PM standing under an exit sign.

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