A month out from the midterms, my new US research on Biden, Trump and the outlook for 2024

  • 7 October, 2022
  • Politics
  • Polling

This is the text of my talk at the E2 Summit in Utah in October 2022, hosted by Senator Mitt Romney and Speaker Paul Ryan

I always feel something of an imposter when speaking to an American audience about their own politics. Rather than sharing that view, I hope you will feel I can bring the objective detachment of the outsider – not least because my analysis is based on a poll of 20,000 Americans, together with focus groups of voters from all walks of life in four crucial states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Florida.

Since last we met the political agenda has moved on, but the forces underlying the divisions that have long driven American politics remain. At our last gathering I introduced a model designed to help understand these forces. Here I will use the same tool to look at the landscape of opinion that underlies the midterm election and the approach to 2024.

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