Cricket legend, Kevin Pietersen, on wildlife conservation

First published in The Sun on 15 June 2020.

Lord Ashcroft talks to Kevin Pietersen, the former England cricket captain turned wildlife conservationist.

SIX words at the top of Kevin Pietersen’s Twitter page say it all: “Cricketer to conservationist. My greatest journey.”

And what a remarkable journey it has been too.

For two decades Kevin was one of the world’s best cricketers, playing in 104 Test matches and 136 one-day internationals for England, and also captaining his adopted country.

Yet seven years ago, shortly after he stopped playing for England, Kevin had what amounts to a “light-bulb moment” while back in South Africa, the country of his birth, when he suddenly realised he could use his worldwide fame to help endangered wildlife.

Like me, Kevin became angry and ashamed at the way some South Africans abuse big game purely for profit.

While we share a passion for wildlife, Kevin decided to concentrate his efforts on protecting endangered rhinos.

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