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  • 6 November, 2006
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Michael Ashcroft’s new book on Victoria Cross Heroes was published in November 2006 (paperback edition due out 03 May 2007). With a foreword by HRH, The Prince of Wales, it commemorates the 150th anniversary of the world’s most famous award for valour, with a detailed account of how over 150 courageous individuals won the medals which form part of The Ashcroft VC Collection – the largest ever assembled.

From famous nineteenth century battles to more recent conflicts like the Falklands war, Michael Ashcroft’s gripping stories are a personal tribute to the holders of this country’s greatest honour for military courage. All the forces – Army, Royal Navy and the RAF – are represented.

“We owe extraordinary debts to these inspiring individuals. Although only 1,355 medals have been awarded, the VC symbolises our national virtues. The courage and sacrifice enshrined in the history of the VC makes us ask questions about ourselves and the future we face. Ever since I bought my first VC twenty years ago I have wanted to express my admiration and appreciation of those who all too often gave their lives for this country and their comrades. Their story deserves to be told. Their bravery must never be forgotten.”

TV Series

A special three-part documentary TV series to accompany the book was broadcast in November 2006 on Channel Five. Each episode was introduced by HRH the Prince of Wales and includes moving interviews with some of the living medal holders. The producers have had exclusive access to Lord Ashcroft’s collection.

A boxed DVD set of the programmes – which also features a lengthy interview with Lord Ashcroft – is also now available. A copy of the DVD will be sent to every secondary school in the UK with a classroom resources pack during 2007.

How to buy

The Book Victoria Cross Heroes by Michael Ashcroft, £20 hardback from leading booksellers or from

The DVD box set Victoria Cross Heroes from all good DVD retailers price £16.99.

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