• The Lost Majority
    2 October 2017

    The 2017 general election was supposed to be a walkover for the Conservative Party – but the voters had other ideas. In The Lost Majority, Lord Ashcroft draws on his unique research to explain why the thumping victory the Tories expected never happened: what real voters made of the campaign, why Britain refused Theresa May’s […]

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  • Hopes and Fears: Trump, Clinton, the voters and the future
    10 January 2017

    Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States confounded the pundits and crowned a year of political surprises. In Hopes And Fears, Lord Ashcroft sets out in compelling detail why America sent Trump to the White House.

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  • Victoria Cross Heroes: Volume II
    8 November 2016

    THE VICTORIA CROSS is Britain and the Commonwealth’s most prestigious gallantry medal for courage in the face of the enemy. It has been bestowed upon 1,355 heroic individuals from all walks of life since its creation during the Crimean War.

    Lord Ashcroft, who has been fascinated with bravery since he was a young boy, now owns 200 VCs, by far the largest collection of its kind in the world. Following on from the bestselling Victoria Cross Heroes, first published in 2006 to mark the 150th anniversary of the award, Victoria Cross Heroes: Volume II gives extraordinary accounts of the bravery behind the newest additions to Lord Ashcroft’s VC collection – those decorations purchased in the last decade.

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  • Well, You Did Ask… Why the UK voted to leave the EU
    8 September 2016

    The UK’s vote to leave the European Union shocked the world – not to mention many people in Britain. What it revealed about our country is at least as significant for the future of politics as Brexit itself. Drawing on more than two years of intensive research by Lord Ashcroft Polls, Well, You Did Ask… […]

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  • Call Me Dave, the unauthorised biography of David Cameron - by Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott
    Call Me Dave
    12 October 2015

    The unauthorised biography of David Cameron. After a decade as Conservative Party leader, David Cameron remains an enigma to those outside his tight-knit inner circle. This authoritative biography of Britain’s youngest Prime Minister for nearly 200 years provides a fascinating insight into the man only those closest to him know. Based on hundreds of interviews, […]

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  • Pay Me Forty Quid And I’ll Tell You
    10 September 2015

    The 2015 Election Campaign Through The Eyes Of The Voters. From January until the election, Lord Ashcroft Polls conducted weekly focus groups from Cornwall to Scotland to find out whether the parties’

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  • s Heroes by Michael Ashcroft
    Special Ops Heroes
    6 November 2014

    Special Ops Heroes tells the stories behind Lord Ashcroft’s collection of Special Forces medals and is the fifth book in his bravery series. It uses new material from diaries, eyewitness accounts, medal citations, letters, unpublished books and interviews with the medal recipients themselves to tell remarkable tales of gallantry. The Foreword to the book has […]

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  • Heroes of the Skies
    13 September 2012

    Heroes of the Skies is the fourth book by Lord Ashcroft in his bravery series. The book tells the remarkable stories behind the world’s largest private collection of medals for gallantry in the air that were awarded to more than 80 British, Commonwealth and other Allied airmen. Heroes of the Skies uses new material from pilots’ log […]

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  • George Cross Heroes
    18 November 2010

    On 23 September 1940, as a response to the changing nature of war that the Second World War had brought about, George VI announced the creation of the George Cross. Ranking alongside the Victoria Cross, it would recognise supreme gallantry away from the heat of battle – behind the front line and in civilian situations. […]

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  • Minority Verdict
    19 September 2010

    Drawing on his unique perspective as the man responsible for the party’s target seats and polling, the 133-page book gives Lord Ashcroft’s view of the Conservatives’ progress since their third defeat in 2005, the reasons for the party’s failure to win an overall majority in 2010, and David Cameron’s decision to form a coalition with […]

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  • Dirty politics Dirty times
    8 July 2009

    A newly revised and updated edition of Dirty politics Dirty times, Lord Ashcroft’s personal account of his battle against an alliance of executives from The Times newspaper and leading New Labour ministers.

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  • Special Forces Heroes
    11 November 2008

    Over the last century, Britain’s Special Forces have performed a whole host of operations with unequalled skill, secrecy and bravery. From the Cockleshell Heroes daring 1942 raid deep into Nazi-occupied France to the dangerous sorties into enemy territory during the Gulf wars, their actions have epitomised heroism. Fascinated by bravery since he was a boy, […]

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  • Victoria Cross Heroes – updated and revised 2007
    1 May 2007

    Victoria Cross Heroes was published in November 2006 (updated paperback edition released May 2007). It was written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the VC: Britain’s highest award for outstanding bravery in the prescence of the enemy. The book tells the story of Lord Ashcroft’s lifelong interest in the medal and the virtues it symbolises. It […]

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  • Smell the Coffee
    10 May 2005

    During the run-up to the May 2005 general election, Lord Ashcroft became interested in political opinion polls. Using two respected polling companies, he decided to commission some research of his own. Once his polls had been analysed, they produced some fascinating findings – and some valuable lessons for the Conservative Party. He began to become […]

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  • Political Research
    1 January 2005

    Lord Ashcroft has written and published a number of influential political pamphlets and research papers over the years. They include What Future For Labour?; What Future For The Liberal Democrats? (2010); Crime, Punishment & The People; Project Blueprint; The Leadership Factor; It’s Not You, It’s Them (2011); Degrees of Separation;