Dirty politics Dirty times

By Lord Ashcroft

A newly revised and updated edition of Dirty politics Dirty times, Lord Ashcroft’s personal account of his battle against an alliance of executives from The Times newspaper and leading New Labour ministers is now available to download (publication date 08 July 2009).

The book reveals the dirty tricks that were used to destabilise the Conservative Party, including the newspaper’s bribery of US government officials, the abuse of parliamentary privileges by New Labour MPs and financial intimidation by former Government minister, Clare Short.

It charts Lord Ashcroft’s successful fight back against this campaign culminating in official Government apologies and The Times unconditionally withdrawing its invented allegations.
The book also sheds new light on Lord Ashcroft’s private life; his childhood and love of Belize, his business career and his many and varied interests.


“Enthralling… a cracking good read”
Harry Phibbs, The Social Affairs Unit

“A rattling good yarn… (exposing) a saga of coke-snorting journalists (and) malicious leaks from the Foreign Office… a box-office thriller”
Paul Routledge, Daily Mirror columnist writing in The New Statesman 19/12/05

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Special Forces Heroes

By Lord Ashcroft

Over the last century, Britain’s Special Forces have performed a whole host of operations with unequalled skill, secrecy and bravery. From the Cockleshell Heroes daring 1942 raid deep into Nazi-occupied France to the dangerous sorties into enemy territory during the Gulf wars, their actions have epitomised heroism.

Fascinated by bravery since he was a boy, Lord Ashcroft has assembled what is believed to be the largest private collection of British Special Forces medals in the world.

In his new book Special Forces Heroes published by Headline Review (November 2008) – the sequel to the best-selling Victoria Cross Heroes – he tells the action-packed stories behind the medals awarded to more than 40 courageous men.

The foreword to the book is written by Andy McNab, an ex SAS operative and best selling author. McNab served in B Squadron 22 SAS for ten years and worked on both covert and overt special operations worldwide, including anti-terrorist and anti-drug operations in the Middle and Far East, South and Central America and Northern Ireland. Awarded both the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) and Military Medal (MM) during his military career, McNab was the British Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier when he finally left the SAS in February 1993.

Special Forces Heroes is linked to a four-part television series of the same name, co-funded by Lord Ashcroft, which is to be shown on FIVE (November 2008). Both the book and the series recognise the astonishing valour and ingenuity of Britain’s most elite servicemen.

Lord Ashcroft is donating all the author royalties from the sale of Special Forces Heroes to the charity Help for Heroes which provides support for the servicemen and women wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lord Ashcroft’s speech at the launch of Special Forces Heroes on 11 November 2008:

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Victoria Cross Heroes – updated and revised 2007

By Lord Ashcroft

Victoria Cross Heroes was published in November 2006 (updated paperback edition released May 2007). It was written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the VC: Britain’s highest award for outstanding bravery in the prescence of the enemy.

The book tells the story of Lord Ashcroft’s lifelong interest in the medal and the virtues it symbolises. It charts how he built the world’s largest collection of the medals and his hopes for the Collection which is now owned by aTrust charged with caring and protecting this important part of our national heritage.

Early chapters describe how the medal was created by a royal warrant from Queen Victoria in January 1865 towards the end of the Crimean War. It stresses the importance that was placed upon the medal being awarded solely on merit and open to all ranks. A particular richness of the book lies in the stories behind each of the VCs in the Collection: the extraordinary feats of bravery and daring which resulted in the award of every medal.

The book also tells some of the stories of how other famous VCs were awarded which are not in the Collection. These include accounts of the astonishing courage shown by Second Lieutenant (later Captain) Charles Upham and Captain Noel Chavasse, two of the three receipients to have received both the VC and a ‘bar’; the equivalent of a second VC.

The Foreword to the book has been written by HRH, The Prince of Wales. The heir to the throne remains as proud of the VC as his great great great grandmother 150 years ago when she inaugurated the medal supported by her consort, Prince Albert and her senior ministers. Indeed, Prince Charles is so passionate about the merits of the VC that he presented the Channel Five television series which coincided with the publication of the book.

Victoria Cross Heroes is published by Headline. It has 335 pages and is lavishly illustrated. A DVD of the TV series of the same name is also available.  During 2007 a copy of the DVD was sent to secondary schools in the UK with a classroom resources pack.

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Smell the Coffee

By Lord Ashcroft

During the run-up to the May 2005 general election, Lord Ashcroft became interested in political opinion polls. Using two respected polling companies, he decided to commission some research of his own. Once his polls had been analysed, they produced some fascinating findings – and some valuable lessons for the Conservative Party.

He began to become interested in political polling in the autumn of 2004 at a time when he was already working to help Conservative candidates win – and hold on to – some of the most marginal seats up and down the country.
Initially, he concentrated his research in these key marginal seats but then, as his fascination with polling grew, he decided to conduct a vast poll of 10,000 voters (the usual size is 1,500 people) in order to produce the biggest ever poll in the UK on political attitudes. Initially, he did this out of self-interest but in July 2005 he published the findings for all to see.

Between mid January 2005 and the eve of polling day in May 2005, he also conducted a daily American style “tracker poll” which he hoped would show how voters were responding to key Tory policies in the run-up to the general election.

He hoped the various polls would provide such valuable information as who voted, who did not and why; what mattered to voters and what did not; what messages moved voters, and which did not; where was the battleground and how was it different from the past; and how did the party campaigns and messages chime – or clash – with the attitude of voters.

The results were fascinating but, at the same time, alarming. The findings caused concern because they showed that the Conservative Party was not as in touch with the electorate as it should have been. The Conservative Party needs to learn lessons from these findings and ensure that they do not make the same istakes at the next general election.

He has now published the results of this research in a report, “A study of public opinion and the Conservative Party’s Campaign for the 2005 general election”.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from this website.

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MP’s and Peers feedback

Political Research

By Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft has written and published a number of influential political pamphlets and research papers over the years. They include What Future For Labour?; What Future For The Liberal Democrats? (2010); Crime, Punishment & The People; Project Blueprint; The Leadership Factor; It’s Not You, It’s Them (2011); Degrees of Separation; (more…)